1.) When will my Puppy come home?
 a.) Once you complete the Full Payment of your Puppy.
  b.) All Puppies go home after being spayed/neutered and fully recovered.
  c.) Once the pick up date or delivery is set and agreed by the buyer.
2.) What Dog litter does my dog need?
Any non-clumping Dog litter will work. Do not get Clumping dog litter. This is very dangerous and if ingested will cause an obstruction in the intestines which will be lethal.
3.) Why will I still need to take my dog to the Vet After receiving the dog from you?
Dogs still need to be seen by your vet in doing so we will have an agreement that you received a healthy dog. If this initial vet visit is missed the health guarantee will be void.
4.) I have other Dogs/Pets at home. Will the dog be okay?
Yes definitely. We also have other pets at home and we introduced our dog slowly making them very social with other animals. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to do a slow introduction. A slow introduction can take 2-4 weeks.
5.) Does my dog need to be kept on Raw Food?

YES all dogs need to be kept on raw food. Please do proper research on raw food. Raw food is the best food.  Genetically speaking cats are not supposed to eat fruits or vegetables. Feeding foods that are not genetically compatible causes health issues. 

6.) Can I transfer a Deposit or Payment on another puppy if I like the puppy better?
Yes you can only if the dog you like better is still available for sale but if not there is nothing I can do.
7.) Can you hold a dog till we come back from Vacation?
Yes I can but I prefer not to hold dogs after they are ready to go home. If it’s necessary or an emergency I will hold the dog.
9.) Why are your puppies priced as they are?
Dogs require a lot to ensure that you get a healthy one. We do individual tests on all our puppies. Each dog is dewormed, Spayed/Neutered (Before going to it’s New Forever home) and vaccinated.  All dogs go home with 1 year health guarantee