What Are Happy Customers Say

Zena arrived just a little more than a week ago and has quickly adapted to her new home. We picked her up after a long flight and she was already showing us her affectionate nature. She is, without a doubt, the most adorable baby puppy I have ever had the pleasure to take in as part of our family. She has the cutest eyes. I can’t wait to take her to the park. We all love her.


Golden Doodles 4 US was so informative. You guys were super prompt with responsiveness and helped us through the whole adoption and shipping process. Our parrot has a wonderful temperament and came out of her shipping crate demonstrating affection and was very relaxed :). He stole our hearts immediately as he stepped on my hands. I call it love at first sight. Thanks guys! I appreciate the happiness you brought into our lives.

Carrie & Hans

Dear GOLDEN DOODLES 4 US,  thank you all for our stunning puppy! He is absolutely adorable, beautiful and super friendly. He is totally more friendly than I expected. It definitely says it all regarding how he was raised. You guys did a great job raising him and making him a perfect companion to my kids. They absolutely love him as part of our big family. He has warmed his way into my wife’s heart. She can’t get enough of him. Jezz! What an awesome puppy. We love every moment we spend with him. Thumbs up guys! I will get him a companion soon! Thanks


I received ‘Jessy’ on Tuesday morning. She was exactly like in the pictures I got of her. Her level of affection and interaction was awesome. She is the most beautiful looking Golden Doodle I have ever seen. Thanks for providing such a wonderful companion for my family.


Was really worried when trying to purchase a Golden Doodles online as I didn’t know what to expect. My first worry was if the puppy would be compatible or bond with me and my kids. The second worry was how the adoption process and shipping would go. When I came across – GOLDEN DOODLE 4 US! OH MY, everything was made simple. All my worries were absolutely gone! Thanks guys! I picked up my puppy at the airport and everything went so smoothly. It will definitely recommend my friends and other Golden Doodle lovers to you! 


OH MY GOSH! My puppy just arrived at my home! It was a little late though but an hour late wasn’t so bad! I can’t express how happy I feel! I’m super excited and grateful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! I’m living my dream life! 


Thanks for keeping up to the appointment. Though I was a little late, it was due to my kids. I had to bring along so they could pick the puppy of their choice. It was so tough making a choice as all your puppies are so lovely. We’re lucky to have Joe. My daughter absolutely adores him and spends all evening feeding him. I have informed my brother about your business, he will definitely buy his puppy from you! Great work guys! 



Thank you GOLDEN DOODLE 4 US!  I received my puppy as you promised! You guys make the world a better place for Golden Doodle lovers! I will also feel safe and happy buying from you! Ella is already getting admirers from my office! I definitely appreciate your process! It worked perfectly for me.



Our puppy Larry is doing just fine. He fits in just perfectly into our new apartment since we moved in last week. He and Meeko, our previous dogs, just love each other. We are so happy to have him with us. Thank you for sending us such a wonderful puppy!



I’m so happy for the exceptional guidance which you gave me during the purchase of my puppy. Every dollar I spent it’s definitely worth it. My kids couldn’t sleep. They were sooo excited 🙂 They couldn’t take their hand off the puppy. The experience was mind blowing. I am so happy people like you are still out there. My cousin will be taking a pair from you next month. Thank you!



I searched in my area and I couldn’t find an available Shih Tzu puppy. I decided to go online. It was freaking me out as I have never purchased a dog from the internet before but I made up my mind to proceed. After seeing your website, I felt so comfortable buying a Golden Doodle puppy from you. Your puppies are so lovely and you did a great job! Thanks. I received the puppy without any hassle. She makes our family super happy and complete now!



We received our puppy this evening. After endless searching for a replacement for our 12 years old that died. Marco is awesome and super energetic. He immediately bonded with my wife and kids like he has known them all his life. It’s wonderful to get a well socialised pup around. He is special to us all. I will definitely spread your good works to other Golden Doodle puppy lovers. Thanks Dude



I’m so impressed with your delivery time! It all went down as you promised it would. Our dog is super excited with Lorin. This proves there are still great people out there. Lorin loves running around and playing. It’s just so lovely. She is an exceptional addition to our family and I’m really grateful I came across your website. Great Job!



We highly recommend My Shih Tzu Paradise 5 stars! We love Puppy Mario! He’s now 14 weeks old and is more beautiful and sweet each and every day. He even snuggles with our Persian Kitty Leo! We Appreciate you guys so much for awesome help through the process and great customer service!